Group A

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Group A is a small group of visual artists that has a long history of involvement with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Originally formed in 1944 as The Abstract Group, Group A was one of the original guilds to combine their efforts and start the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Group A is committed to staging selective, quality art exhibitions in the Pittsburgh area.

As an association of artists, Group A provides exhibition opportunities for its members in the Pittsburgh and surrounding areas, and fosters an active dialogue on the continuation of abstract concepts and practices.

Artists become members of Group A by:

  1. Screening into the Group by submitting slides and resume. When screenings are held they are advertised in local periodicals such as the City Paper.
  2. Invitation by an existing Group A member, who approaches an artist to submit work to exhibitions for jurying. If an artist is subsequently juried in two exhibits, they become a member.