Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh

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Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh has been affiliated with the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts since 1963. Over the years, the Guild has evolved with the contemporary craft movement into an organization seeking to build an audience for contemporary fiber art. The Fiberarts Guild provides a support community for artists and others interested in the medium. This community encourages individual artistic growth and brings together a group of people who seek to enrich the culture of the region through their activities.

The Guild offers a yearly program of workshops and lectures given by respected artists, collectors, and curators. Topics include current trends, slide presentations by individual artists, textile history, design, and technique. The Guild is currently developing educational outreach programs for adults and children.

Guild-sponsored exhibitions create opportunities for established and emerging artists to exhibit side by side, introduce new works to curators, galleries and critics and promote the medium to the general public. In recent years, the Guild's outreach has extended beyond the region to national and international artists, curators, collectors, and enthusiasts through sponsorship of the triennial Fiberart International exhibition. Support for artists and development and continuance of the medium are at the core of guild values and activities.