The Guild Shows

The Guild Shows

Opening Reception - Friday November 21 from 5:30-9:00pm
November 21, 2014-February 1, 2015

Women of Visions, Inc. - Storytellers: Truth be Told!

In West Africa, the “Griot” (GREE-Oh) or “Jeli”--storyteller-- of the tribe is one who  perpetuates the oral traditions and history of a village through, praise-singing, poetry and other vocal art forms. Critical passages are added on by every generation; then passed on from griot to griot. The recounting may include Important rulings from Kings and Queens, battles of legendary warriors or even political satire.  In this exhibition, the griot tradition expands, visualized through modern eyes and the art of women from today’s African Diaspora; women of color who have lived lives and experiences that many will find both incredible and inspiring while also giving rise to the expectation that the truth can finally be told.

Craftsmen's Guild of Pittsburgh - Illusions

The CGP Exhibition Committee has selected “Illusions” as a theme for this event, in that it will imbue the show with a sense of unity without restricting your own interpretation of the concept or your imaginative insights in expressing it. In exploring this concept, you may wish to employ metaphor or symbolic imagery: using one thing to suggest another. Or you could draw from your dream state, or a personal vision that dares challenge the boundaries of perceived mundane reality, which may, itself, be only illusory. However you choose to approach it, we invite you to weave your own illusions and put your best foot forward for this exciting exhibition opportunity, which will appear concurrently with the annual Holiday Show and Sale at the PCA. 

Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh - Construct

What inspires the construction of contemporary fiber work? What drives the creation of art using fiber techniques and materials? How are artists informed and inspired by this medium? Why fiber now? The Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh’s 2014 member’s exhibition, Construct, attempts to answer these questions. The exhibit features current works by artists utilizing fiber and fiber techniques who, through unique interpretation, construct their own answers. With a variety of mediums and applications the resulting display is avast array of visual forms. These pieces of contemporary fiber art, when presented together, not only answer questions, they begin a new conversation