Exhibition Preview: Emerging Artist of the Year - Adam Welch

Emerging Artist of the Year: Adam Welch

Statement from the Artist:
Welch works in a variety of media, including sculpture, drawing, painting, performance and installations as a means to make play of the relationships between our psychology and our created environment, be it physical, perceived or symbolic. His seemingly schizophrenic working method, which primarily exploits inaccuracies prevalent in self-analysis, becomes a main catalyst for his concept developments. Exploring a range of visual styles, mixing assemblages of found materials, fabricated forms and simple line drawings, his work serves as expressions of questions, narratives, patterns and or answers that become more like selected parts in a continuum of thoughts than a found conclusion.

For this exhibit he has created a series of disparate works combined to form a loose-nit installation. The exhibit as a whole involves materials most common in construction and educational environments. For Welch, the objects, materials, machinations and language that we have either elected or created are intrinsically related to our mentality, drives and inadequacies. Banking off these interrelationships, this exhibition tangentially explores context, functionality and symbolism, as a crisis of causality.