Exhibition Exchange: Center for Emerging Visual Artists

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Center for Emerging Visual Artists Launch Exhibit Exchange

Pittsburgh Filmmakers/Pittsburgh Center of the Arts will participate in their first exhibition exchange, during the 2008 Biennial, with the Center for Emerging Visual Artists based in Philadelphia. This exchange is the beginning of an ongoing collaboration. PF/PCA and CFEVA are using this as a pilot project for regular exchanges that strengthen the artistic dialogue between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. It also provides a regional and international context and exposure for Pittsburgh artists. The following artists from the Philadelphia area are part of CFEVA’s Career Development Program, and will exhibit their work at PCA from May 3 – August 24, during the 2008 Biennial.

CFEVA Website

Exhibiting Artists

Anne Canfield
Caleb Nussear
Darla Jackson
Elisabeth Crisman
Joelle Jensen
John Karpinski
Julia Blaukopf
Matthew Neff
Serena Perrone
Tara O'Brien
Kara Rennert
Scott Pelnat
Peter Prusinowski
Katie Murken
Paul Rider
Nataliya Slinko
Christopher Hondru
James Abbott
Cecelia Rembert
Marisha Simons  
Keiko Miyamori  
Sean O’Neil
Jennifer Chapman