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The Artist Talks, Panel Discussions and Special Events are now online. Explore the documentation of the exhibition programs at the Center for the Arts at the new Artist Talks page, featuring an archive of talks, discussions and insight into what is happening in the galleries, and throughout the shadyside campus of the PF/PCA.

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Featured Video: Tina Williams Brewer: Lifetime Achivement Award
Panel Discussion

Opening Thursday July 2, 2009
Sheila Klein & Artist of the Year Auction

About Bitmap Bonnet (Outdoor Work)
by Sheila Klein
at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts

Bitmap Bonnet : Artist Statement

Yes, I still want to dress the world... I get interested in the interconnectedness of things... uncovering the architectural underpinning of all objects.  My early investigations of this theme began after a trip to Asia in the late 1970's.  Because of my interest in the sculptural and architectural aspects of jewelry, I was impressed by the connection between the way that people there adorned themselves and the way that they decorated their buildings.  That jewelry can be more architectural than buildings.  Consequently, the bland urban boxes of Seattle began to look like 'skeletons waiting to be dressed.'


Tim Kaulen:
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts 2009 Artist of the Year

Kaulen Preparing his work for Tin Toy Menagerie

Photo Credit: Larry Rippel

Opening Reception – Friday September 25, 2009
Artist Talk: In the studio with Tim Kaulen (coming in October)

About Tin Toy Menagerie
A series of three large-scale sculptures, adopted from historical toy designs popular during the 1950’s and 1960’s, and constructed from recycled materials and contemporary mixed media, are the focal points in this year’s Artist of the Year exhibit at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts (PCA) by artist Tim Kaulen. Opening on September 25, 2009 and running until November 8, 2009, this temporary work will utilize both the interior spaces as well as the grounds of the PCA.  The temporary outdoor works would be installed in the beginning of June 2009 and deinstalled in the spring of 2010.

Ranging in sizes from 8’ to 15’ in height, the sculptures will be constructed utilizing an internal armature that will serve as the primary structural support for each piece. Each individual armature will have a concrete anchor that will be placed in the earth at the base of each sculpture to provide the necessary support.

Attached to each armature will be the external surface comprised of a variety of materials including: steel, plastic, and other weatherproof media. This ‘shell’ will serve as each sculpture’s finished structural component as well as the aesthetic pattern and personality of each piece.

From the ‘shell’ of each sculpture a live topiary element will be added, giving each piece the juxtaposition and irony, as the living plants contrast the steel and plastic foundation of each piece.

Although the series will be a temporary exhibition, each piece will be designed and installed with the integrity of permanent work, as the intention to pursue future permanent placement elsewhere is the goal.

Artist Talk at the Center:
Sue Abramson / Johnathan Shaprio

The Forest Inside: Sue Abramson & Jonathan Shapiro from Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Vimeo.

The Forest Inside is a site-specific installation and the third collaboration between Pittsburgh artists Sue Abramson and Jonathan Shapiro. Abramson's photograms and digital prints of Elephant Ear leaves cover the walls of the exhibition space. Shapiro's sculptures, formed from walnut and cherry trees, were created specifically for this exhibit and placed within the interior space. Inspired by organic elements the artists recreate a forest that explores and informs their connection to the natural world.

Credits: Shot and Edited by Joel Lambeth

Artist Talks at the Center:
Fiber Arts Guild: Making Connections

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: Fiber Arts Guild Gallery Talk from Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Vimeo.

Making Connections, presented by the Fiberarts Guild of Pittsburgh, explores the traditional and non-traditional ways we make connections. Fiber artists have used a variety of techniques for binding, strapping, wrapping, lacing, weaving, sewing, knotting, and zipping. In this group show, artists use uncommon materials such as human hair, safety pins, staples, twist ties, and telephone wire, to name a few, to examine ways we make connections in the modern world.

For more information go to:

Credits: Shot and Edited by Joel Lambeth

Artist Talks at the Center:
In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in Pittsburgh

In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in Pittsburgh from Pittsburgh Filmmakers on Vimeo.

Dr. Patricia Ulbrich “Pittsburgh was the birthplace of influential leaders of the women’s movement and was home to several pioneering feminist organizations during the later part of the twentieth century,” says PF/PCA Artist Member Patricia Ulbrich.

In Sisterhood: The Women’s Movement in
Pittsburgh is a multimedia exhibit directed by Ulbrich.

The show features a portrait gallery of legendary figures from the movement, including Alma Speed Fox, Barbara Hafer, Molly Rush, Eleanor Smeal, and a dozen other leading feminists; video of oral histories about the struggle for equal rights in Southwestern PA; and memorabilia from private collections.

“The project is designed to promote a deeper understanding and appreciation of this inspiring aspect of the region’s history and to highlight how progress was achieved through the hard work and determination of a diverse group of local activists,” Ulbrich explains. “Our collection of digitally recorded interviews,” she continues, “provides a new source of data for scholars studying social movements.”

Patricia Ulbrich, Ph.D, is currently a visiting scholar in women’s studies at the University of Pittsburgh. For more than three decades, Dr. Ulbrich’s research has focused on women’s studies and women’s issues, including how race, class and gender shape life chances. In addition she co-founded The Women and Girls Foundation of Southwest Pennsylvania.

As an Artist Member Ulbrich was able to utilize PF/PCA’s conduiting program for the In Sisterhood project. PF/PCA acts as a fiscal agent – a conduit – that accepts and is
responsible for grant money on the artist’s behalf.

Credits: Shot and Edited by Joel Lambeth







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