View Camera Techniques

Prerequisite: Black & White Photography II or Intermediate Digital Photography. 42 classroom hours

Fall 2014
  • PHT310A Tue 6:00-9:00 Blum Sign Up

View camera photography is a large format, single exposure technique which can be used to produce high quality, fine grained images. In addition, the front lens board and rear film plane of the camera can be manipulated independently so photographers can use this camera to create selective tilt shift focus or precise architectural views. In this advanced course students learn the numerous controls of the view camera while working towards a personal photographic vision. All projects will be shot on film with the option of printing in the darkroom or scanning and printing digitally. 4 x 5 inch view cameras, an 8 x 10 inch view camera and light meters are provided, but students pay for their own supplies. Grading is based on class participation, assignments and a final project. In addition to tuition, a $70 course fee is charged.