This exhibition is about interactive experience: the installations, websites, games, and even the catalogue/website only come alive through active human intervention. Once the (v)user crosses the threshold to activate a piece, a web of complex actions and reactions is set in motion allowing for a highly personalized experience that in most cases will never be duplicated. In the process, a new, active relationship between the artist and the viewer is forged, and we are led into the new world of interactivity. While exploring the newest technologies as a creative medium, the artists' ultimate goal is aesthetic experience.

Digital technology has, in its short life span, become an integral and virtually irreplaceable part of our culture and consciousness. Computers are woven into the fabric of daily experience from multi-purpose PCs to personal digital assistants to the navigational systems of new automobiles. Our dependency on immediate access to information has resulted in fundamental shifts in our perception of time, space, and power.

Through the lens of interactivity, Digital Traces defines a crucial shift in the computer's role in creating art and brings to light the new, interdependent relationship between artist, computer, and viewer emerging from use of new technologies. As the central mediator of this new relationship, the computer itself takes on a new, more active role in the creation of art. The works in the exhibition require significant interaction with the viewer, and manifest the increasingly inextricable intersections between art, entertainment, design, commerce, and science. The computer acts as a mediator, interpreting the rules and conditions chosen by a human programmer and creating the structure for an interactive experience. This allows the audience to shape the character of their digital experience and presents the artist with an entirely new set of challenges and possibilities. Through this process the very nature of the artwork is constantly reconfigured and the relationship between artist and audience is redefined.

Like the free agents of the New Economy, the artists of Digital Traces unlock the potential of developing technologies to change the way we live and think. In the process they help us all reflect on the profound changes in our lives made possible by the continuing evolution of technology.