This project was completed with funds granted through the SIEMENS' Stipendium at the ZKM Centre for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, Germany.

Conception, Video, Music, Text, Voice Bill Seaman

Programming Christian Ziegler

Actors Jenny Almendinger, Yasuaki Matsumoto

Musicians Tony Wheeler - Sax; Catherine Hewgill - Cello
Recorded at ABC Radio Sydney

Engineers Mark Don, Jon Jacobs
Executive Producer at ABC Andrew McIennan
Producer Bill Seaman

Initial Recording NTT Media Lab/InterCommunication Centre
Executive Audio Producer ICC Ken Kanbayashi
Chief Sound Engineer Shin-ichi Takahashi

Synclavier Operator Takeshi Hayashi

Video Recorded in Tokyo with NTT/ICC
Curator Machiko Kusahara
ICC Programme Director Toshiharo Ito
ICC Coordination Masato Shirai

Video Edited at ZKM, Karlsruhe
Technical Assistance Tamas Walliczky and Manfred (Derek) Hauffen
Video Recorded in Karlsruhe in cooperation with ZKM

ZKM Director Jeffrey Shaw

Special Thanks To: Jeffrey Shaw, Christian Ziegler, Machiko Kusahara, Ken Kanbayshi, Toshiharo Ito, Masato Shirai, Maura and Fenn Walsh-Seaman

1995 Bill Seaman