Born in Kennet, Missouri, in 1956, Bill Seaman received a B.F.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1985). An associate professor and director of the Imaging and Digital Arts Program, Department of Visual Arts, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, he is also currently a research fellow at the Centre for Advanced Inquiry in Interactive Arts (CAIIA), University of Wales College, Newport, U.K.. Recent residences by the artist include NTT Media Lab/InterCommunication Center, Tokyo (1994); ZKM Center for Art and Media Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany (1994-95); and C3-the Center for Culture & Communication, Budapest, Hungary (1996). His work explores language, image, and sound relationships through video, computer-controlled videodisk, CD-ROM, virtual environments, photography, and studio-based audio compositions. In 1996, he collaborated with choreographer William Forsythe and Ballet Frankfurt on a major new dance work.