An Interactive Media Installation
for the Audience Interactive Media Symphony
DIVIDED We stand ( 2000 Miroslaw Rogala)

"Miroslaw Rogala's DIVIDED WE STAND is a virtual, artistic enactment of the contingent relationship between freedom and limitation. It is an interactive multi-media event created by Miroslaw Rogala and a team of collaborators that includes international artists, musicians, performers, dancers, computer programmers, and engineers."

Edward Shanken, Divided We Stand: Interactive Art and Limits of Freedom, 1997

DIVIDED WE STAND/DIVIDED WE SPEAK is an artist's statement emphasizing the ways of uniting people through new, interactive technologies in virtual space. Are we in danger of falling? Or do we gain strength from diversity, or both, or neither? Can or should a moral or social metaphor be constructed on a fact that far more energy is released by coming together (nuclear fusion) than coming apart (fission)? We are confronted with a transitory landscape, where new destructions are continuously stacked. Geographies of minds are transcended-among these "ruins" we look for ourselves.