Presented by the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
in cooperation with Outerpretation, Inc., Chicago, Illinois

Artist/Director Miroslaw Rogala

Participating Recording Artists Urszula Dudziak, Jennifer Guo, Ken Nordine

Electronic Equipment provided by Digidesign, Digital Frontier, Opcode Systems Inc, Macromedia Inc.

Technical Direction Joe Reitzer, Alexander Sinon Horn

Interface Design John Friedman, Digital Frontiers

Media, Computer Graphics, and Sound Design Alexander Sinon Horn, Brian M. "Mac" Rutan, Vectorn Inc.

Project Assistance Ray Harmon, Lee Wells, Joel Botfield

Special acknowledgments Lynne Warren, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; Edward Shanken, art historian, Duke University; Vicky Clark, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts; Jason Simmons, co-curator, Digital Traces

Anti-theft device for wireless receivers Modified Design Ray Harmon 1999 Concept and Design J. Boyd Hildebrant & Co. 1997

Divided We Sing Miroslaw Rogala 1999