SMELL.BYTES T.M. colonizes our nasal passages. In SMELL BYTES T.M., Jenny Marketou explores "smell," the oldest and newest territory of displaced identity as an evocative and mnemonic space that reminds us of our earliest memories of nutrience and danger. It integrates the physical and digital world to investigate conditions of subjectivity in the time of flesh eating technologies.

Sara Diamond
Executive Producer, Television and New Media
The Banff Centre for the Arts
Alberta, Canada.

SMELL.BYTES TM is a live broadcast environment, which propels us uncannily onto a whole new domain of artistic representation; one which the image, the representation is experienced simultaneously with the moment it is happening. This real time piece grows out of the paradox of time in art through the medium of the wide world web as it collapses space and time into a perpetual present.

Kate Bush, Thelma Celeste
24th Sao Paulo Biennial, Brazil 1998

I find the concept of using a computer medium which cannot transmit olfactory information to act as the vehicle for a smell obsession to be fascinatingly contradictory. The concept of a translation process for visual and fact based information into smells is an intriguing idea. I scratched hopefully and with some trepidation at the catalog but no smells! Everything remains a concept.

Sue Ki Wilcox
Artist, Critic, Author of Web Developer, Guide to 3D Avatars.