SMELL.BYTES T.M. is a digital action environment with two computer stations and three video panoramic projections on the wall fed in real time from the web. In SMELL.BYTES T.M., human subjectivity has been transformed into a lucid database of numbers, and "smell" serial numbers which are offered to the public as a visual "olfactory" feast of odorless mesmeric portraits projected on the walls, surrounded by cross breed- sounds and signals.

SMELL.BYTES T.M. ,as in Jenny's previous works, happens in time and explores social relations and communication, and how private and public space expose a system in itself. For the last year she has beeng exploring our sense of SMELL, as a metaphor, for loss, control and surveillance. She uses photography, public actions, video, and net work technologies in order to investigate the uncontrollable unvironments of the web, digital actions, conditions of subjectivity, and what form of existential life creates this new way of communication between computer and humans .The project has been informed by her research in the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Urban Ethology in Vienna and her critical response to their recent studies on Facial Beauty, Attractiveness and Body Odors. Her protagonist is based on the novel Perfume by Patrick Suskind.

In SMELL BYTES T.M. Jenny Marketou creates a protagonist ,, a bot, an intelligent agent, a provocateur, a lurker, a digital cannibal. has no gender nor ethnicity. hangs out on CUSEEME video teleconferencing environments, cyber cafes and chat rooms. has a website, with an odor lab and the world renowned stinky gallery. In addition has a FANCLUB which will be launched on April 8,1999. "Smellbuddies" around the world are invited to join, only if they donate their own portraits to and of course what happens is a surprise! The scene of the crime is open to the public!

Chris's passion is odors. lurks and sniffs live on line under concealment, for 24 hours, 7 days for a whole year. To satisfy this appetite, grabs, without their knowledge, live participants and downloads them on his odor lab page. Here processes them according to their symmetry, beauty and body odor, then consumes them as bytes and stores them in a giant menu of arresting odors and visual glyphs in the permanently refreshing with smellbuddies world wide known Stinky Gallery.

Simultaneously the artist acts as a "double agent" as she appropriates the persona and with her video camera lurks and sniffs through the same cyber cafes and chats rooms. Unlike, Jenny consumes the watched subjects as live video streams. Jenny then archives them into a menu of video streams and labels them with odors and numbers in order to broadcast them live as three video panoramic projections on the walls. In addition to this broadcast of mesmerizing "smell bound" human profiles and databases, a rich sound from streams plays continuously, mixing ambient music, speech, hip-hop beats and other sound effects. The sound itself it is a type of cross- breed.The viewer-the living- is immersed in the olfactory world of and the artist. Watch out ,Chris is lurking and sniffing.

Note: SMELL.BYTEST.TM 1998 has been realized as a co-production of the artist with The Banff Centre, the Media and Visual Arts department during the summer of 1998.The sound was a collaboration of the artist with the experimental net radio,XCHANGE in Riga.

SMELL.BYTES TM Scratch and Sniff,Catalog available.
Jenny Marketou's work is shown courtesy of JHB Gallery, New York. .