The Layer is a floor covering that translates human movement upon its surface into generative music. The music created by The Layer depends entirely on the weight, gait and foot size of the individual walking upon it; no two journeys are ever the same. The Layer is not a "floor piano" where different zones make different notes; music may be generated at any point across its surface. The only requirement is the ability to move, making it accessible for everybody. It is a successful attempt at creating a generative interface that requires no previous connection with either Art or Technology. The Layer has been exhibited throughout Europe and the Far East, and appeared on many TV and Radio broadcasts. Over 400,000 people have experienced the Layer.

Greyworld has developed a small version of The Layer which connects to a PC and creates generative music by touching it. Greyworld use Koan, SSEYO's generative music software, to create the environments that enables the home user to create music that is ever changing.