Opening Receptions, June 10th

We hope you will Join us at both locations on Friday, June 10th
Pittsburgh Center for the Arts: 5:30 to 9:00pm.
Pittsburgh Filmmakers: 8:00 – 11:00; live entertainment begins at 9:00pm.

Music by PANDEMIC dj’s Pandemic Pete & Juddy > Pittsburgh Filmmakers
Friday, June 10, 9pm. Free.

Download Invite (pdf)

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts offers a broad spectrum of works with a focus on installation as an exhibition approach to two dimensional, three dimensional, time-based and interactive/process-based works. The exhibit will be organized as a survey; any overarching theme is secondary to the individual conceptual involvements of each artist. Organized by Adam Welch, Curator, PF/PCA.

Pittsburgh Filmmakers will concentrate on media arts at Filmmakers Galleries. Eric Shiner, Dan Byers, Astria Suparak and Adam Welch participated in selecting artists for this space.

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