The Andy Warhol Museum

Once home to such cultural luminaries as Mary Cassatt, Willa Cather, Martha Graham, and Gertrude Stein, today’s Pittsburgh continues to produce and/or play home to some of the most talented women artists in this nation. For the Pittsburgh Biennial 2011, The Warhol will assemble an exhibition dedicated to these great artists whose work aims at transgressing boundaries and engendering transformative change in an apparent nod to Stein and her important life’s work. Artists included in the show either currently live or work in Pittsburgh, or once spent a period of many years here. Works included will span all media and will aim to challenge and provoke the status quo. To plan your visit now click here.

Elise Adibi

is a painter, curator, and educator who currently lives in New York, NY. She curated the exhibition Gold in Braddock in 2010.

Lilith Bailey-Kroll

is an artist and yoga teacher who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a social entrepreneur and wishes to build an art movement that ushers in a new consciousness.

Kim Beck

makes drawings, prints, paintings and installations that survey peripheral spaces. Her work looks at architecture and landscape, while urging a reconsideration of the built environment. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Patricia Bellan-Gillen

is an artist and and educator who makes drawings, paintings and prints that are often zoological in nature, infused with spiritualism and dream imagery. She currently lives in rural Burgettstown, PA.

Cara Erskine

works in collage, painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture, and performance, drawing upon her many interests: sports history, feminism, queer culture, color theory, abstraction, and art history. She lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Dara Birnbaum

is a pioneer of the video art movement in New York, where she continues to live and work. An architect and urban planner by training, she is internationally recognized as one of the first video artists to employ the appropriation of television images as a subversive strategy.

T. Foley

is an artist and educator who makes interactive installations, videos, and public art projects, such as a recent project where people made regionally-based ringtones for sharing. She lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jill Freedman

is a photographer who has been documenting America from the 1960s to the present. She lives and works in New York, NY.

Amisha Gadani

is an artist who creates drawings, videos, and kinetic wearables, such as animal defense inspired costumes. She is currently working on a series that compares differences in sensory and motor adaptations in the animal kingdom. Currently she lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Deborah Kass

is an artist whose paintings examines the intersection of art history, popular culture and the self. She currently lives in New York, NY.

Vanessa Louise German

is a multi-disciplinary artist currently living in Pittsburgh, PA. She is a photographer, poet, actress, sculptor, designer and believes in the seamlessness of creative process and purpose.

Eileen Lewis

has been a new wave portrait photographer for more than for 25 years, who specializes in children’s portraits. She lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jill Miller

recontextualizes objects, images and processes through photography, text, performance, and video. Her installations are positioned between the public and private. She lives in San Francisco, CA.

Ayanah Moor

is a conceptual artist and educator who lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA. Her work addresses gender, racial and sexual identity through the lens of popular culture.

Dulce Pinzon

is a photographer who lives between Mexico and Brooklyn, NY. Her color portraits offer social commentary, such as the questioning the notion of superhero.

Madelyn Roehrig

is a photographer/videographer/educator. One of her projects is documenting people who talk to Andy Warhol at his gravesite. She lives and works in Pittsburgh, PA.

LaToya Ruby Frazier

is a photographer, filmmaker, curator, and educator from Braddock, PA. Her black and white photographs comment on contemporary urban culture. Currently she lives in New Brunswick, NJ.

Diane Samuels

is an artist and educator whose site-specific public art projects have been influenced by Jewish history. She lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Carrie Schneider

is an artist working in performance and installation–based photography, film, and video. She currently lives in New York, NY.

Karen Seapker

is a painter whose work lies in the place between abstraction and representation, and suggests both memory and fact. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Renee Stout

was trained as a painter, but her work now includes mixed media sculpture, installation, and photography, as she explores who we are as a society. She lives in Washington, D. C.

Alisha B. Wormsley

is a multi-media installation artist, photographer, teaching artist and writer. She creates public art that brings awareness to the plight of children around the globe. Currently she lives between Pittsburgh, PA and Brooklyn, NY.