Video Internship Application

Production Services interns assist with all aspects of our small production team. On-set and off-set, you gain hands-on experience from pre-production to post and produce marketing deliverables for PF/PCA programs and events. 126 hours unpaid work with small stipends for occasional grip work.

For more information, submit applications beginning February 1, August 1, yearly.  Decisions are made April 1, and September 1 for respective semesters.

Browse the work of talented Interns from previous semesters.
Thank you for your inquiry.

Full address at time of Internship.
Describe your experience on-and off set, including size and type of production, i.e. commercial, narrative, documentary, etc. List what filmmaking or video equipment you have used before or like working with.
How can this internship be beneficial to you in terms of specific skills, professional development, or exchange such as educational credit or monetary expectations.
The date you can begin your 126 hours
The date by which you must have your 126 hours completed
This is employment commitments you will have or intend to have or are committed to during the time of the internship.
Upload your resume here.
Please list links to your reel or other media if available.
Visit 20/20 People + Places, a film produced by Production Services for Carnegie Museum of Art's Heinz Architectural Center and describe what position you would like most to have filled in the making of this video and why.