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PCA Galleries - the Marshall Building

6300 Fifth Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

PCA School - the Scaife Building

1047 Shady Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15232

Tess Allard, Education Assistant


Mary Brenholts, Director of School & Community Programs

412-361-0455 x368

Dan Byrnes, Facilities Coordinator

412-361-0873 x322

Jen Carter, PCA Shop Manager

412-361-0873 x308

Laura Domencic, PCA Director

412-361-0873 x311

Margaret Di Giulio, Director of Development

412-681-5449 x210

Susan Howard, Director of Filmmakers at the Center

412-361-0455 x326

Dorinda Hughes, Director of Administration

412-681-0455 x226

Charlie Humphrey, Executive Director

412-361-0873 x317

Jasdeep Khaira, Director of Artist & Member Services

412-681-5449 x246

Jill Maddox, Controller

412-361-0455 x314

Heidi Medina, Director of Finance

412-361-0873 x313

Claire Marcus, Director of Education

412-361-0873 x302

Christopher Smalley, Director of Operations

412-681-5449 x209

Carol O'Sullivan, Media Relations Coordinator

412-681-5449 x205

Rachael Cooper, Assistant to the PCA Director

412-361-0873 x307

Gern Roberts, Marketing and PR Associate

412-681-5449 x299

Joy Sato, Director of Special Events

412-361-0873 x371

Brooke Schooles, Staff Designer

412-861-5449 x232

Seth Kenlon, Systems Administrator

412-681-5449 x224

Betsy Lodico, PCA Registrar

412-361-0455 x324

Adam Welch, Curator

412-361-0873 x309

Layne Wyse, Ceramics Coordinator

412-361-0455 x338