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Ag Works collective show displays power of a few good pieces
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/14/2010

Exhibit looks at 'Interplay' between art, artists
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/11/2010

'Interplay' puts many parts in play
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/7/2010

Exhibits at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts a collection of viewpoints
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/2/2010

Exhibit creates cool spot to explore at Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/2/2010

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts curator Adam Welch offers engaging 'Cluster'
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/10/2010

Group exhibition Cluster shows a wide swath of local artists in fine form
Pittsburgh City Paper, 3/4/2010

'Cluster' has area artists exploring diverse connections
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2/28/2010

Two artists create imaginary worlds
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/13/2010

Thurman exhibit looks through 24th-century eyes
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/8/2010

PCA shows range of talent in two group exhibits
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/16/2010

Fiber artist Matsubara weaves imaginative, ethereal environment
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/2/2009

Photographer Vitone's works give images a new perspective
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/25/2009

Kaulen's artwork helped transform the city's landscape
Pittsburgh City Paper, 10/22/2009

PCA honors Tim Kaulen for his reclaimed art
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 10/11/2009

Vitone explores display and voyeurism
Pittsburgh City Paper, 10/8/2009

Calliope moves into PCA's new venue for acoustic music
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/24/2009

PCA Artist of the Year, Tim Kaulen, turns scraps into giant toy treasures
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/24/2009

Photographer Dylan Vitone is Emerging Artist of the Year
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/24/2009

Kaulen readies his giant scrap-metal toys for his Artist of the Year show
Pittsburgh City Paper, 9/24/2009

In Pittsburgh, It Takes Just 17 Syllables to Tell the G-20 How You Really Feel
Wall Street Journal, 9/17/2009

PCA names Artist of the Year
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 9/8/2009

Step into the surreal, unnerving world of James Duesing's animations
Pittsburgh City Paper, 8/20/2009

Inspired tinkerer Henry Bursztynowicz leaves legacy
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/19/2009

Arts programs teeter on brink
Valley News-Dispatch, 8/19/2009

'Augere' artists come together to raise money for Artist of the Year award, exhibit
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/22/2009

We confess to liking SALIGIA: Seven Deadly Sins
Pittsburgh City Paper, 7/16/2009

Region's artists plead with lawmakers to continue support of arts
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 7/15/2009

Award covers quilt artist Brewer's distinguished career
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/1/2009

Yart Sale offers stylish deals in handcrafted goods
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/30/2009

Artist uses quilts to convey stories and build cultural connections
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/17/2009

PCA honors fiber artist Tina Williams Brewer
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/16/2009

A revue of animation shorts explores the form with weirdness and humor
Pittsburgh City Paper, 6/11/2009

Patricia Bellan-Gillen at the Center for the Arts
Art In America, 6/1/2009

Kardambikis offers a brand-new creation myth
Pittsburgh City Paper, 5/28/2009

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts' exhibit spiced with variety
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 5/27/2009

Retrospective focuses on complex, emotional videos by Tapia-Urzua
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/9/2009

Power and identity fuel Tapia-Urzua videos
Pittsburgh City Paper, 4/2/2009

Obituary: Richard P. Gribenas
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/20/2009

Associated Artists celebrates 99th anniversary
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2/25/2009

Animal imagery speaks out
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 2/18/2009

Charlie Humphrey: Hold us accountable but keep us alive
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/11/2009

Exhibit highlights city's role in equal rights movement
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/15/2009

Traditional printmaking pushed to extremes
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/31/2008

Eclectic exhibitions exude energy at Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/30/2008

Emerging Artist exhibition probes mankind's existential angst
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/29/2008

Artist of the Year superbly crafts intense message
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/15/2008

Slavick's Artist of the Year show revisits, reframes and reclaims
Pittsburgh City Paper, 10/9/2008

PCA Emerging Artist of the Year Adam Welch makes a strong showing
Pittsburgh City Paper, 10/2/2008

Building, growing images express artist's hope
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/21/2008

A potent and diverse Pittsburgh Biennial
Pittsburgh City Paper, 8/14/2008

Art review: Pittsburgh Biennial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/31/2008

Experimental film at the Pittsburgh Biennial
Pittsburgh City Paper, 7/18/2008

'Gravity' a flight of fancy at Biennial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/2/2008

Bigger Biennial
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/8/2008

Scott Turri at the Center for the Arts
Art In America, 5/1/2008

Delanie Jenkins at the Center for the Arts
Art In America, 4/1/2008

Three exhibits capture Pittsburgh accent
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/6/2008

Conference will cover city in clay
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/5/2008

Exhibit captures sense of abandonment in old Midwest towns
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/27/2008

Artist gives North Hills students 1-on-1 lesson in creativity
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/31/2008

Review: Watercolor exhibit is anything but wishy-washy
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/23/2007

New books take the measure of two mid-career Pittsburgh artists
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 12/12/2007

Students Learn Different Approach to Pottery Making through Artist in Residency Program
Highlands SD Newsletter, 12/2007

Art Review: Emerging artist puts personal stroke on larger issues
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/24/2007

Art Review: PCA Artist of the Year cuts her hair, counts it for performance piece
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/10/2007

Robert Raczka at the Center for the Arts
Art In America, 10/1/2007

Art Review: Some strong expressions weave into Fiberart International
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/25/2007

Exhibits make connections at Pittsburgh Center for the Arts
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/24/2007

Art Review: Project weaves industry and art
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/28/2007

Kim Beck at the Center for the Arts
Art In America, 2/1/2007

Center for the Arts has four varied exhibits, each worth a look
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/4/2007

Art Review: Beck uses the mundane to provoke thoughtful discussion
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/11/2006

Art Review: Artist of the Year brings light to introspective exhibit
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/10/2006

Let there be light
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 9/10/2006

Nonprofits' merger an artful dodge of debt
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 8/20/2006

Center for the Arts finds talent 'Inside+Out' Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 6/4/2006

The Power of the Image: Lynn Johnson's photos tackle the troubling subject of hate crimes
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 4/30/2006

Students show off dance steps
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/13/2006

Art Review: Wizards of expression
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 2/19/2006

Ethereal combinations
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 1/12/2006

Filmmakers, PCA will merge assets
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/14/2006

Art Reviews: Solo exhibits at arts center hit high marks
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 1/4/2006

Art Review: Artist of Year's works sublime
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 10/26/2005

Art Review: Center for Arts biennial mixes creativity with political commentary
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 7/7/2005

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts opens its latest 'Biennial'
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 5/5/2005

Pittsburgh Center for the Arts gets creative to survive
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/8/2005

Center for the Arts temporarily closes its doors, lays off staff
Pittsburgh Business Times, 8/23/2004

Fiber art exhibition stretches boundaries of medium
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 4/4/2004

Exhibit displays works of 10 members of the 'New Breed of Pittsburgh Artists'
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 12/11/2003

Sound of the Biennial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 6/13/2003

PCA unveils its fifth and largest Biennial
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 3/21/2003

Pittsburgh Biennial returns to Shadyside
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, 3/21/2003