Work Study

We are seeking college students with a federal work-study award. Work study opportunities are available at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts Shop and the Pittsburgh Filmmakers Equipment Office.

PCA SHOP: Holiday Shop Retail

The shop is seeking an experienced retailer with a passion for art and strong customer service skills. Successful candidates will help assist in set-up and display as the shop expands into a large space for the annual Holiday Shop. Shop staff is also expected to familiarize themselves with individual shop artist’s medium, style, and approaches to their creating in an effort to best inform interested patrons.

Fill out the Online Work-study application

PF: Equipment Office

Duties include assisting students and members with equipment questions, assisting instructors, dispensing equipment, equipment and facility maintenence, mixing chemistry, film projection, and some light clerical work. Internships in exchange for access may be arranged. Experience in film, video, photography, and computers is helpful, but not required.

Fill out the Online Work-study application