PCA SCHOOL: Child, Teen & Family Teaching Artist - Studio Arts

Position Description:
We are hiring artists to teach studio arts programs to children, teenagers and families. Opportunities are on an on-gong basis beginning this fall and are in various formats such as weekend and afternoon classes, full-day camps and weekend workshops for families. PCA instructors must share PCA’s approach to arts education and art making, which emphasizes the balance between process and product. This means that our instructors impart to students the importance of the creative journey and not just the final outcome. Instructors are paid using a 1099 contract.

Bachelor's Degree and at least one year of teaching experience are required. The candidate must have knowledge of various artmaking techniques, processes and materials. The candidate must also be well versed in contemporary art practices, arts education and art history.

To apply for this position send a cover letter, resume and three images of your personal or student work to: Rachael Cooper, Children’s Program Manager & Camp Supervisor at rcooper[a]pittsburgharts.org