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This series revives the lost art of storytelling through innovative programs designed for the whole family. These classic stories that have brought joy and meaning to generations of children are told by Hollywood's biggest stars, accompanied by the music of renowned musicians and illustrated by gifted artists. We All Have Tales features international folk tales that take you on a journey where diverse customs, exotic music and traditional folk art reveal the distinctive personality of captivating places beyond the horizon.
The Approach
The pace of Rabbit Ears stories is designed to allow children to reflect on what they hear and use their imagination. Rabbit Ears programs use language that challenges and delights curious minds. They are performed in a tasteful and sophisticated manner that reflects deep respect for the intelligence of audiences, resulting in stimulating entertainment for entire families.
The Animation
Dissolve animation is used in Rabbit Ears programs. Dissolve animation is a process in which an illustration appears on a screen and fades out as the next fades in. The effect for viewers is similar to reading a book in that viewers have time to observe the many elements in each illustration. Each illustration is more detailed than most fully animated programs.
The Artists
Dissolve animation enables individual artists to single-handedly create an entire program. The art for each Rabbit Ears program was created by an accomplished artist using approximately 500 separate illustrations created over a period of approximately one year.
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