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Narrated by Denzel Washington, these two Jamaican folktales are about a teeny-tiny spider, Anansi, whose boasts are as tall as his tales get. Music by UB-40. (Grades K-6)
Finn McCoul
In this Celtic legend narrated by Catherine O'Hara, Finn McCoul, the greatest champion in all of Ireland, gets a wee bit nervous when he discovers that the brutish giant Cucullin is after him. Music by Boys of the Lough. (Grades 2-6)
Koi and the Kola Nuts
Narrated by Whoopi Goldberg, this humorous African folktale is about Koi, who wants the villagers to honor him as befits the son of the chief. Music by Herbie Hancock. (Grades K-6)
The Tiger and the Brahmin
Narrated by Ben Kingsley, this Indian folktale is about a Brahmin who makes the mistake of letting the tiger out of his cage. Music by Ravi Shankar. (Grades K-6)
Jack and the Beanstalk
In this comic retelling, narrated by Michael Palin, young Jack foolishly sells his family's cow for a handful of magic beans. Music by David Stewart. (Grades 2-6)
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